Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4

Sorry~ Here's my long overdue post for the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4. 
And also my camera batt was flat. Most of the photos are from my iPhone5. A little grainy.

Presented by F&N and organised by O School, the 4th edition for Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4 is held on Saturday 13th April 2013 at Kallang Theatre.

Dance Delight is created by Mitsuhiro Harada a.k.a Machine. Machine started 'Osaka Dance Delight' in 1992 which created a new wave of street dance culture from Osaka and is the origin of all dance delight competitions.

This is the fourth year Dance Delight has been held in Singapore. It's a real pleasure to be invited by CK & CF to join them in this event. And of course, not forgetting to thank F&N and O School for the opportunity to be part of this spectacular dance competition.

Us at the photo booth before the start of the competition. Photo from CF.

Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4 kicked off with host, Sheikh Haikel welcoming the judging panel on stage, who showed off their dynamic dance moves individually.

Here's the judging panel for the night.

  • Machine, the creator of Dance Delights and the leader of the legendary break dance team 'Angel Dust Breakers' in Japan.
  • Ryan Tan, Singapore well known dancer in Hip-hop, Janzz, Lyrical and Contemporary.
  • Loose Joint, Jamel Brown, a Hip Hop dancer from New York with 30 years of experience
  • Madoka from Japan
  • Tony Tzar from Washington D.C. 
Scoring System (Taken off from the official website of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4)
  1. Each judge would score every crew on a total of 100.
  2. With the scores, the ranking of crews will be derived from each judge. If crews are tied in score, ranks will be taken. 
  3. Each crew's total rank will derived form the summation of ranking given by the judges.
  4. Crew with the lowest total rank score will emerge as the top crew. 
  5. In case of a tie, a vote will be done among the judges.
The evening was filled with energetic and dynamic dance moves from 22 crews of dancers from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. And loads of laughter too, with a very entertaining host. In the 3 hour event, there's a short break in the middle. And only then do I realise, the theatre is fullhouse. The theatre is filled with loads of supporters and future promising dancers, waiting for their chance to be on that stage.

During the break, CF and I went downstairs to collect our flipbook. We recorded an "animated clip" of us having fun before the start of the event. Cute right?

We also quenched our thirst with F&N drinks. They have lots of dispenser bottles around on both levels. (Sidetrack. I saw the dispenser for sale online before, should I get one for myself too? =P )

There are F&N badges for memento & social media coverage too. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. #fnnsdd4

After the break, the event continued with the remaining crews showing off their fabulous moves.

When all the crews had their turn on stage, it's time for the panel of judges to agonise over the results. While the judges deliberate, two DJs spun music and Sheikh also "invited" dancer-audiences on stage to show off their moves.

Finally the wait is over. The results are out.

Congratulations to all Singapore Dance Delights Vol. 04 winners!
Champion: Megamint
1st Runner-Up: Flipendemic Kru
2nd Runner-Up: Freekzy Bots

Finals Ranking (Taken off from the official website of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4
1. Megamint
2. Flipendemic Kru
3. Freekzy Bots
4. The Basic Fives
5. Roosevelt
6. A.O.C
7. G'DE Rellas (Tied)
7. Yes Yes Yow! (Tied)
9. Bla.Que.Neez
10. Platinum Collection
11. Le Flair
12. FSZ
13. Remixer
14. Zassy B*tch (Tied)
14. Black Jack (Tied)
16. Decada
17. Kool Kidz Kru
18. Blu Cru
19. Hybrids of Freedom
20. Hip Hop Hooray
21. Feel So Funky
22. Comradery


Singapore Dance Delight

O School

Want to cheer on Megamint and see them compete live in Osaka for the Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20? You could! F&N is sponsoring a 4D3N package to Japan for two for the winner of "F&N Fulfils Your Dreams" contest.

Here’s how to enter the contest:
  1. Simply tweet and say why you should go Japan with the Champion Team and tag #fnnsdd4.
  2. Tweet before 23:59 hours on 26 April 2013.
  3. One winner will be picked and he/she will win a 4D3N package to Japan for two.
  4. Terms and Conditions apply.

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