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We went for his birthday lunch on Friday at Seoul Yummy in Bugis+. It's a open area on level 4 of the shopping mall. As we were there about 12 noon, there were not many people there. But as we were finishing, there were more and more people. Lunch crowd. Hee.. Glad we were there earlier.

We ordered lunch specials from the set menu. Every set menu comes with a cup of barley tea (choice of hot or iced and refillable) and side dishes. Top up $1 to upgrade the barley tea to Seoulyummy Iced Lemon Tea with Aiyu Jelly. Or top up $3.99 to upgrade the barley tea to Seoulyummy Iced Lemon Tea with Aiyu Jelly + 2 scoops of ice cream.

The birthday man. He's shy ^^ (Love)

Our drinks. One is the normal barley tea (iced) and the upgraded ice lemon tea. The ice lemon tea is abit too sweet. We were thinking maybe it's the Aiyu Jelly.

Fried Saba Fish with rice [$9.99] - The saba fish is quite big, alot of meat. Tastes great with the sweet sauce. Very worth the set meal price.

Seafood Kimchi Ra-myon [$11.99] - Spicy noodles. Lots of seafood inside too, with sotong, prawns, clams, egg and strips of korean rice cake. Very tasty soup and chewy noodles.

Here's the restaurant. Near to the escalator. Menu display on the big board with yummy photos. The place plays korean songs too. By the side there are some televisions looping Korean MVs. One of the screen kept one showing PSY's "Gentleman" MV. Haha..

Our meal did not exceed $30 and we had big filled tummies. Worth it.

Seoul Yummy - Korean Casual Dining
Bugis+ Level 4
(Can't find any information in Bugis+ and official website on this outlet)

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