Chiso Zanmai

The requirements for the birthday dinner is, as usual, eat all you can: BUFFET. Haha... Went to Openrice's website to search. There were alot of choices. Picked Chiso Zanmai. Looks affordable and it's a Japanese buffet. *slurps* Eat all you can.... Sashimi~~ And the reviews looks not that bad...

It's located in the maze-alike, The Central at Clarke Quay, second level. We entered from the mall's main entrance and into this long white corridor.

And yep, it's the entrance/exit of the place. And we are greeted with, the dessert section. LOL. If you came in from this entrance, you have to walk further into the restaurant to the counter, which is in the middle of the restaurant, and next to an escalator. Another entrance from level one.

Here's the pricing. $29.99++ and $1.99++ per person for us. Friday dinner.

There's a promotion ongoing till 15th May 2013. Hokkaido Seafood Miso Hotpot for every 4 pax reservation. Sad, not valid for us. There are only two of us.........

Here's what they serve in May.

After making payment at the cashier, we are ushered to our table. And also this very confusing table card. We only understood it when we were about to leave. haha

First stop, Sashimi~~~ Thickly sliced sashimi salmon and tuna

Sampled a crab paste toufu, macha toufu, and a shrimp.

The fried section. I love the corn cream croquette =P

More fried skewers

Tonkatsu ramen. yummy

Self serve seafood tomato stew. The birthday man loves this lots.

Desserts counter.

Pretty tarts

The desserts I took. Love the La Opera cake. The one on the top left. Coffee chocolate cake

Self serve soft cone. Vanilla ice cream with toppings. Really like icecream with crispy cornflakes

Here is the other entrance, facing Singapore River, near to the road side. If you are thinking of having Japanese buffet here, ^^ go in via this entrance and save yourself from the possibility of getting lost. haha

**Photos mostly taken with iPhone 5

Chiso Zanmai
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-17, Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6221 3177
Opens from 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


  1. The ramen looks oily. LOL. but i love like the rainbow ice cream, remind me of candy crush :X

    1. Hmm.. Looks. But it's actually ok lei. And it's a small bowl only. The meat is tender.
      Haha.. Icecream is self serve. Got alot of other toppings to choose for your icecream.