Bliss House Theme Restaurant

Read a few bloggers' posts about Bliss House Theme Restaurant in The Central at Clarke Quay. There were mixed reviews about this place, mostly negative on the service, but raving praises on the interior. I went with a open mind with Lynn as we were attracted by their interior photos.

The entrance was the welcoming big Bliss House logo. And it was partially covered by lots of grand opening flower stands haha

Up front, next to the logo, is the welcome standee with the book of ala carte menu for browsing. It's a long walk in from the signage to the main door. I'm abit overwhelmed by the grand opening flower stands. Haha.. There were really alot of them. I wonder when was the official opening for the restaurant as I saw blog posts dating back as early as January this year. Nevertheless, congratulations on the grand Opening!

Upon entering, one is greeted by lots of greenery and flowers and this "carriage".

The carriage is very romantic looking. Pretty place for photos ^^

As you walk further in past the bar counter, you are greeted by a fairy tale scene. A smoking water fountain and a little grass bridge to bring you across to a magical place.

Crossed over to the other end of the bridge, turning back to see more stand tables. See there are even MORE grand opening flower stand. haha 

We chose our table to sit, right at the end of the "garden".

This looks as if we are really at a garden, but an indoor high rise garden.

The lights hanging around has got the Bliss House B printed on it.

There are alot of these magnet butterflies all around the garden dining area. Above our heads, on the table, by the wall, and on the decorative furniture.

More greens and little butterflies on the white base furniture.

The end of the garden dining. Looks so pretty..

There's another dining area. The "indoors" of the "garden". There's a cozy sofa area in the middle of the place.

Sofa with white furnishing at the back. Pretty pretty.

In one of the cupboards, there are items for sale and also it seems that there is a Jewellery Making Course held in Bliss House on Sundays between 3 to 5pm. $15 per person, inclusive of jewellery materials and one beverage.

Above the fireplace at the sofa area, there are pretty, delicately decorated masks for sale.

A gramophone next to the sofa area.

There is also a corner with a white piano.

There is also a corner with wedding gowns and a changing room. For ROMs that are held here maybe? Or to give off the blissful look for the theme?

The ala carte menu is not the same as what some of the negative blog posts said. It is NOT the flimsy paper menu. Can I make a bold assumption that, since Bliss House has just officially opened, the previous paper menu is for its "soft launch"? Anyhow, this book of menu is definitely solid.

There is a "Bliss" Hour, aka Happy Hour, 1-for-1 drinks promotion.
Between 6pm to 8pm on Monday to Thursday
ALL DAY on Friday to Sunday

Mother's Day is round the corner. There are set menu for lunch and dinner for this special occasion. It's a nice time to have a meal with your mother in such a lovely fairy tale looking restaurant.

Caesar Salad with Prawns [$16.00] - Crispy Romaine Lettuce tossed in Caesar Dressing, topped with Crostini, Grated Parmesan Cheese and Coddled Egg - Not a very big serving, but just nice for us sharing. The prawns is grilled, I don't really like the texture, kinda prefer a smooth textured prawn =P The egg is runny, just the way I like it. Caesar salad at $14, Caesar salad with smoked salmon at $17.

Seafood Pizza [$24.00] - Tomato Sauce, Basil, Oregano, shredded Mozzarella, Prawn, Squid, Mussel and Fish - Crispy thin crust pizza. When we placed the order, the waitress told us that there is a waiting time of 20minutes. We don't mind, since we will be snapping photos of the place while we wait =P

Traditional Italian style homemade Tiramisu [$11.00] - Dusted with shaved Valrhona Dark Chocolate - This comes as a surprise cos it's a big plate of Tiramisusssss haha I like the chocolate shavings on top. The alcohol is only more concentrated at the middle of each piece. I like the sesame decorative biscuit, adds on to the flavour.

Like their facebook page to enjoy 15% off ala carte menu.

Our total bill is a total of $57.00 for a pizza, an appetizer, a cup of coffee and a dessert. 10% service charge and 7% GST is applicable.

Definitely recommend the place for a cozy girls date out for cakes, chit chat and photo taking.

Bliss House Theme Restaurant
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21, Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6225 5532
Open Monday - Sunday 1130am till 11pm


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