Hong Kong 2016

We are back from our 5D4N trip to Hong Kong. We had fun. The weather there was rainy, with 3 days raining the whole day, including the day we were in Disneyland. 

We took the SQ return flight to HK. Josie is considered an infant (0-2) so she is not allocated a seat and sat on our lap. Initially we were thinking of resting the first part of the flight when she nap after take off like the previous trips. We were wrong. She stayed awake the entire flight. Gosh. And she woke up at 4+am in the morning!! Sighs. My tired baby. 

Our meals in flight. Carrot cake for breakfast. Pretty nice, just a little spicy. We don't really take spicy, that's why. 

Josie's baby meal. She didn't eat much though. But she had eaten the bread from our tray. Haha...

We had lunch when we reached HK airport. Expensive lunch. Taste not too bad but... Expensive lol. 

After checking into the hotel and taking a short break, we headed to Tsim Sha Tsui. First... Jenny's cookies. Not very difficult to find. There are loads of fake Jenny's cookies all around in the same building. Faint. Have to go to the one with queues. The queue wasn't that bad. Lots of people bought alot and stashing them in empty luggages. We only gotten a few for family and ourselves. Sorry friends....

Josie fell asleep when I was queuing, so we took a Starbucks break. Lol. 

We went window shopping in the malls around TST, as it was raining and there are just more malls than shops that are more interesting haha...

Will update more progressively. 

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