Mango Milk Popsicle

The weather is melting us everyday. It's so hot that I sweat even when bathing. 

My mother bought me mangoes a few days back. While eating, I was thinking of using part of it to make popsicle for my lo. 

She seldom eat such cold stuff. And she doesn't like texture that get stuff stuck to her hands lol. So much for blw huh. 

Anyway, she doesn't really like the popsicle. But she kept wanting to put in her mouth. I guess the coldness is just too much. She was ok to eat the mango milk like a dessert with a spoon. Haha. 

It's still consider a success! Guess next time, I can skip the freezing part if she still doesn't like the cold. 

Really simple. Mango and milk to your desired amount and freeze overnight. Works for any fruits and liquid. 

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