Staycation at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore at RWS - Part 2

During our short staycation at Hard Rock Singapore, we went and did the following things apart from just sleeping and slacking in the hotel. Heehee..

Day 1

Since half the day was already gone from travelling to the destination and checking in then resting in room, we had arranged to catch a movie at VivoCity. Our last movie was 4 months ago, X-men: Days of the Future Past. We do not watch alot of movies together even before we got married. We feel that watching movies minimises our interaction time. So we only go for those blockbuster once in a while (or when there are free or promotional tickets =P).

We caught the evening 7.25pm show for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Got a popcorn set and snacked while watching. Even though we just had dinner, we were able to finish the entire box of popcorn. Sighs.. Junk food. Haha..

The movie was great, with lots of funny bits. We laughed alot. They really are just kids. Young teenagers. Haha...

Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, we headed to Universal Studios Singapore. Second secret planned for the staycation. It was our second time to the USS. The first trip was 3 years ago. And we skipped those shows and rides that we had no interest in. And we had loads of fun chasing after the characters for photo taking. Maybe, I was the one who had loads of fun.

This time round, we had no repeats for the characters photos and managed to catch Kungfu Panda to take a photo together. The Kungfu Panda, looks pretty.... dusty now. Haha.. Oops...

After the day at USS, we headed back to the hotel for a rest and a dip in the pool before heading to Ding Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 at The Forum, Level 1 to replenish our energy. It was around 6.30pm when we left our room, and I was still sure that even though the place will have a queue, it would not be that bad.

The waiter told us that we have to wait around 15 minutes for our table, which, I find it acceptable. But the wait extended to about 45 minutes. Our poor hungry grumbling tummies...

I suggested to watch the Crane Dance after dinner as I had never sat down and watch the performance before. I only saw it opposite the waters from Vivocity, which was quite small. The show was quite sweet in the beginning, with the lights and water display. But I got bored in the middle, with a predictable ending. The show ended with light fireworks. Woohoo~

Day 3

After a long night rest on the comfortable King sized bed, we went down for our breakfast. There are lesser people than the day before. We saw a long queue at checkout though. We took our time eating and choosing what to eat. The food are the same as yesterday's. The pastry corner is still my favourite. And the fruits section.

As we were still early for checkout, we spent the rest of the 2 hours in room, watching TV and just enjoying the air condition. Checkout was quick. The hubby and I headed for the Sentosa Express back to Singapore mainland for lunch.

Lunch was at Poulet Vivocity. It took us quite some time to settle on where to lunch. We got a waiter who rolled his eyes when we ordered warm water which we have to pay. So, what's the deal with the rolling eyes. Dude.. when you are in the service line, learn to keep a poker face man. And what's wrong with ordering paid warm water. I do not want any caffeine drinks or any cold drinks, so... I can only take warm water.

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