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The most important thing to do when travelling in Taiwan, is not shopping. It should be eating! Eating non-stop at all the night markets. In Kaohsiung, we did the same too. Though we did not go to all the night markets, we did went to the bigger (or more famous) ones.

Tip: Do share your food if you wish to try out more stuff. No point eating a portion each because before you even reach the end of the night market, you will be feeling too full to even want to see food. Haha..

金鑽夜市Jin-Zuan Night Market

Opens on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 5pm to 12mn

Take the KRT to Kaisyuan Station (R6) Exit 2. Walk Kaixuan 4th Road for about 10 minutes.
But when we exited the station, we saw the free shuttle bus to the night market. Happy! We of course took the easier way to reach the night market.

And here we are at Jin-Zuan Night Market. We are still pretty early. Some of the stalls either have not open or still setting up.

Our first stop. Attracted by the HUGE fried squids on display. One for NTD80, with a few flavours to choose from.

We had the seaweed flavoured one. Not fantastic, but still nice. Crispy, tasty.

And there's this ice cream flower pot. We saw this on TV, but I remember it's not from this night market. Nevertheless, we tried.

One pot for NTD60, two for NTD100.

Do not appreciate the decoration concept with the spoons and the macaroons looks CUI. Have not even tasted it and I already feel disappointment.

And I've confirmed that it is really bad. The ice cream taste fake and not nice. The macaroon is bad. Fake is one, but well, you can see from the photo, it's crumpling away. It's NONO.

That night when we got home, we saw another TV show introducing this ice cream pot from the 凱旋夜市Kai Xuan Night Market, and it's only next to this 金鑽夜市Jin-Zuan Night Market. ARGH... Wasted.

Feeling thirsty, the hubby decided to try this drink. Kumquat with Lime. It is SUPER sour. NTD40 for the large cup. Pretty thirst quenching.

Hubby decided to try the chicken feet. Recommended by Jacky Wu. Not really my kind of food.

Well, hubby also don't really like the taste. Maybe it is just not suitable for our tastebuds.

凱旋夜市 Kai Xuan Night Market

Opens on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

After walking round the 金鑽夜市Jin-Zuan Night Market, we headed to our next destination, 凱旋夜市 Kai Xuan Night Market. It is just next to the first night market.

We headed to the first stall from our homework list. Big Tako Ball at Kaisyuan Road No. 7.
章魚大丸子 - 凱旋路7號

Huge Tako Balls in preparation. Looks DELICIOUS. Don't you agree?

They helped to cut up the huge tako ball, so there's no picture on the ball. It smells nice! Time to dig in.

It is delicious and very worth it. Priced at only NTD50. There are alot of ingredients in it. Lots of seafood. Prawns, squid and many others. Do try this when you are at 凱旋夜市 Kai Xuan Night Market.

Next stall from our homework list. Chicken wrapped rice. NTD50. Located at Kaisyuan Road No. 9.
翅包飯 - 凱旋路9號

We ordered the kim chi flavour. They removed the bones at the wings, and stuffed it with rice. Hmm. Do not like the taste. Too bland and nothing really interesting. Disappointed.

Feeling thirsty, time for a papaya milk. Fruit juices are very good at quenching thirst. NTD30

Hubby was tempted by the prawns. So we go one box of prawns NTD80.

It reminds me of the prawns we eat after spending hours at the prawning site. Not very fresh and quite bland.

六合夜市 Liuhe Tourist Night Market

Opens from 6pm to 2am

Short walking distance from KRT Formosa Boulevard 美麗島站 (R10, O5)

First stall we saw, was one of the must try in our homework. Papaya Milk NTD50. See the long queue. Lots of celebrities and tourists' reviews recommended here. 郑老牌木瓜牛奶

It's really nice. Very thick and tasty.

Next on our homework list, BBQ food from 烤肉之家. Many people were waiting for their order. No need to queue (we queued for a while before realising). We have to place our order with the lady, get a number and wait for your number to be called.

Here's what they have.

Lots of choices.

Place your order with this lady in front.

After like... 20 minutes? We finally got our order. Yum yum. Nice. Bacon with onions and Salted pork.

Next, on our list, pepper crispy "biscuit". However, the review is not too good. But I still wish to try. They have Pepper or Cheese to choose from.

Quite nice. But it will taste much better if it is hotter. They made batches earlier on and it got cold. Very strong pepper taste. Very strong.

Loads of people getting their share of night market food.

One last stall from our list. 庄记字号 has this seafood porridge 海产粥 that got everyone who tried and reviewed, raving about it.

Here's our seafood porridge 海产粥. NTD100. Very rich with ingredients, very tasty soupy porridge. At least 2 prawns, squid, oysters, some shell seafood, fish, and others. Worth to try, worth to eat. Not to be missed.

Saw a pet shop opposite the seafood porridge stall. Aww the puppies are so cute.

Saw some pretty night market food. But we did not try though they look delicious.

瑞豐夜市 Rui Feng Night Market

Opens on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Take the Red line to Kaohsiung Arena station 巨蛋 (R14). About 5 minutes walk to the Night Market.

We went straight to the Smelly Toufu stall that is listed in our homework. Seats were provided.

The smelly toufu, NTD50 taste nice. Soft in the inside, crispy on the outside. And it does not have the strong smelly drain smell.

Hubby was attracted to the squid stuffed with rice. Looks really nice. But quite a long wait as there were many orders and each order is made on the spot. NTD80 for one.

Looks delicious. With 4 sauces to choose from, we had the honey mustard one.

Yummy. Fried nicely, fresh hot from the fryer. Must try. Crispy delicious. Hubby likes the taste too.

Dessert time. Homemade mochi. With 6 flavours to choose from. NTD10 each.

Pretty ladies preparing our orders.

We got two of each flavour. To be honest, not really nice. I find it too milky.

We only went to four night markets during our trip, and eating by choice. I'm sure that there are many more delicious food in these night markets.

I miss... the seafood porridge, the huge tako ball, the papaya milk and the squid wrapped rice. I really missed these. haha..

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