Kaohsiung : Cijin Island 旗津島

PS: This will be a long post with many photos.

After visiting The Pier-2 Art Center 駁二藝術特區 and the Takao Railway Museum 打狗鐵道故事館 in the morning, our following itinerary was to head to the Cijin Island 旗津島. By the way, if we were able to travel around on bicycles, it would be much easier. So, do rent a bicycle to travel around if you are able to cycle. Especially for The Pier-2 Art Center 駁二藝術特區 and on Cijin Island 旗津島.

About 10-15 minutes walk from the Orange line KRT station, Sizihwan Station 西子灣站 (O1), you will be able to reach the ferry terminal. Follow the signs (鼓山渡轮站) on the lamp posts to get to the ferry terminal.

 The ferry also ferries passengers travelling with bicycles and motorcycles. For us, without any cycles, it costs NTD15 per person per trip. You can pay in cash or iPass.

The ferry ride is only about 5 to 10 minutes. Cijin Island 旗津島 is just opposite, separated by the waters. The ferry terminal looks nicer on the island.

There's a temple on the island. Cihhou Goddess Temple 天后宫

A simplified map. The island is pretty big. If only we can cycle, travelling around the island would be much easier.

The wind that day was really strong. I can feel as if the wind was trying to lift me up and blow me away. I am not joking or exaggerating. Look at the trees being blown so strongly. And I see alot of bicycles being blown down to the floor.

Beach on Cijin Island 旗津島. We did not walk on the beach. The wind was blowing strongly and the sand was blown quite high.

Beach on Cijin Island 旗津島.

So we took the path to visit the Star Tunnel 星空隧道. Not too sure what that was, but we just went ahead. And really, if only we can cycle..... Haha... Lor sor (naggy) me.

Here's the Star Tunnel 星空隧道 entrance.

Nothing special about the tunnel really. Lots of man made glow in the dark 'stars'. But it is very cooling inside. What is fascinating, is at the end of the tunnel.

Here we are, at the opposite end of the tunnel. This used to be some fort in the olden days where soldiers stake out here and take down incoming enemies.

And the sea breeze here is even stronger than the beach. Huge strong waves washed up against the shore. Nope, we are unable to go down there. The area is fenced up.

After we walked back down to the main area, we took a look at the shopping market. Erm... The stalls there sells similar stuff. And there are lots of these stalls. I wonder how they earn their business. We only walked past without really looking on.

Even the sign is "blown" away.

The "waterpark" at the island. Kids were enjoying themselves. See the direction of the water. Strong winds.

I was tired, thirsty and hot. The hubby brought us to have some ice.

Mango ice. Not fantastic, but yummy especially on such a HOT day. I was too tired to continue, so the hubby decided that it was time to head back. Even though we did not go to alot of places.

Streets of Cijin Island 旗津島

Lots of people queuing to get onto the ferry. Rider passengers queue to the right of the terminal, while non rider passengers queue on the left. Same. NTD15 per person for the trip back.

We took this colourful ferry back to main land.

We have reached the main land.

The traffic flow for riders and non riders passengers is quite safe. One lane each.

Walking back, you just have to follow the signs on the lamp post (O1 捷运站) to head back to the KRT.

I was sunburnt at the end of the day. I look like a red lobster, while the hubby looks like a dark red lobster. If you are heading there, do drink loads of water and apply sunblock. Hats, caps, and umbrellas are no use as the wind are too strong for these. If you wish to wear hats or caps, wear those that you are able to tie below your chin.

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