Cruise Holiday on Costa Atlantica - Day 4

Day 4. Last day of our holiday. Time passed by so quickly especially when you are having fun.

I woke up with a strained neck *sobs* I am unable to turn my head at all. Even when I wanted to laze on the bed for a while more, the neck screamed pain. Sigh. What a way to start the day.

We have to vacant the room by 10am (although we are docking in Singapore at 3pm), so even with my super painful neck, we prepared and went for breakfast at Deck 2's Tiziano Restaurant as we were quite sure that the Self Serve Restaurant at Deck 9 is already crowded with people.

Very pretty spread of pastries. Yummy
Breakfast - so many eggs

After filling our tummies, we went back to our cabin and packed our stuff and vacanted the place by 10am. Costa Atlantica provided us a service to help us hold on to our hand luggages while we continued to enjoy ourselves onboard. The queue was LONG.

While queuing, we saw this. Someone bought TV during the trip?? Wow. Amazing.
Our number tag for the hand luggages

Even though we should enjoy ourselves with the remaining time, we were not sure what to do. Can't go swimming or gym or anything that will induce sweating since we no longer are able to go back to our cabin. We just sat around watching Running Man on the tablet and went shopping in the shops.

Hot guy in pink shorts and shell bikini (sorry for the lousy photo. paparazzi shot)

I'm not too sure why, but both of us were feeling tired and exhausted. Is it the sun? The heat? Or the boredom from waiting? But we sure were happy to see the Marina Bay Cruise Centre to come to view. And before going to the theatre to wait for our cabin's color to be called for disembarkation, we grabbed two slices of the yummy pizza =P

Welcome back to Singapore.
Our last 2 slices of yummy pizza on board. Really YUMMY =D

The trip is fun. But the waiting time and doing nothing is not. And my stupid neck even made me cranky on this last day =(

Cruise Holiday on Costa Atlantica - Epilogue

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