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Cruise Holiday on Costa Atlantica - Day 2

Day 2. Today we are disembarking at Malacca, Malaysia. We went to Malacca once a few years back by land transport with a group of friends.

Woken up by sunlight peeking through the corners that the curtains did not manage cover. I think it was 6 plus in the morning. Snapped a few photos and I plonked back to sleep. Tired.

Sunrise early in the morning
The rough sea below us. Sorry for the blur photo, I was still not awake and quite scared of dropping my camera.
The sun at 8plus in the morning

We were up and read around 9am, and headed to deck 9 for our breakfast. There were alot of people around. Guess not many took up the tour. In yesterday's "Today" brochure, passengers can book their tour before embarking at the destination.

Breakfast. From the Asian counter
Breakfast. From the European counter

After breakfast, we headed to get our disembarkation ticket. Malacca's port cannot support huge sized cruises, so we have to take a small ferry out from the cruise to the port. The journey was about 10 minutes. Not really knowing where we were (Oops didn't to do homework), we just walked. And we saw a familiar building! It's was one of the hotel that we wanted to stay in the previous trip, but they were fully booked at that time. And we successfully located the mall, Mahkota Parade. Yay~

Disembarkation ticket. Not too sure what it is for. Didn't use it at all.
The hotel we were familiar with.

First stop, the Money Changer (yah, that's why homework is very important). And it was not yet opened. We shopped awhile, paying the higher priced item with credit card, before trying again, and we successfully changed SGD50. Headed straight to the Giant supermarket to get ourselves toothbrushes x_X stinky us.

Our buys from Giant supermarket

We then settled ourselves at the Starbucks to leech on their free WiFi and get ourselves updated on the social media. Tsk tsk... Can't get away from the internet life.

At Starbucks enjoying our Java Chip Frapp
We are here!

Headed back to the port, and we spotted the cruise ship ^^ The ferry took a while to get us back onboard, as we had to wait for the ferry to be full before they move off.

We can see our ship from the port. Looks quite hazy over there. 
Here's where we got off and waited for our ferry back to the ship. Alot of "Taxi taxi"

And it's lunch! Haha.. Being on a cruise means eating non stop. Saw from somewhere, "Tip #101 to gain weight: Go on a cruise!" LOL

Lunch with desserts

Went touring the ship, taking in the view in daylight.

View of Malacca from the ship
View of the top deck. Aish. I didn't manage to capture the top.

And indoors, we went searching for the library, quite difficult to find, I wanted to check out the internet rates and what books there are. We are requested to register with our Costa card. But nah.. troublesome.

A model of the cruise ship
The library. A very small place. There are board games for the children to play, and computer terminals but $$

After resting awhile in the cabin, we headed for gym! And we are attired in our new tops. Part two gift from the hubby as a 5th AD wedding anniversary gift. The gym is located on deck 9, and at the front of the ship. We have to go through the spa centre to get to the gym. Weird. As I got onto the threadmill to run, I realised we were moving. It feels as if I'm powering the ship to move while running or like I'm running on the sea waters. Haha..

Our new tops~ 
The gym at the lower deck. Here's the threadmill which you will feel like you are running on water. 
The gym the the upper deck. I'm cycling~ The jacuzzi is part of the spa/massage treatment.

Our seating for the Gala Dinner was at 6.15pm. There was a welcome cocktail party earlier on, but we didn't know about it until late at night. There were alot of nicely dressed passengers, in evening gowns and suits and ties.

Our ticket to the welcome gala dinner

The Gala Dinner has pre arranged table seatings. And sad to say, we were not arranged to our own table, but shared with 2 other couples. Awkward. Especially me taking photo of almost everything. Haha.. The server was pretty blur. He got my order wrong, twice. Sighs.. Made me look like a troublesome customer >.< But I don't eat beef, so CONFIRM-chop I won't order beef. The service was abit slow too. Not going to complain on this, as there were ALOT of other passengers on this seatings. 2nd seatings starts at 8.30pm.

The Tiziano Restaurant. This place has a 2nd level dining.
The table setting. The scroll is the menu. Quite misleading and messy. Not sure what we should do.
Braised duck with ginger and spring onion - Nice. I like. Especially with the sauce
Shrimps composition with cocktail sauce (Chef Recommended) - Normal and cold. 

Vegetables spring rolls with saffron sauce - LOVE! Especially with the sauce
Chicken with mushroom soup - Sigh.. why is there noodles in my soup and where are the mushroom?
Roasted shrimps with minced pork in chilli sauce - Prawns were difficult to deshell.
Guinea Fowl Smilana style served with red cabbage and potatoes - I like the potato. 
Chocolate mousse - No idea why the waffle is placed this way. Does not taste nice and waffle stick is soft, not crispy
Almond Apple - (didn't manage to note down the name) But it's nice!

Finally, the awkward dinner ended. We headed to the Caruso Theater for the show "Solid Gold"- Performance of the greatest popular musical hits from Cher, Madonna, Ricky Martin and many more. Pretty cool show, with the singing and dancing, except for the guy in front sitting up so straight and forward, and turning to his partner so frequently to talk and blocking most of my view. The seats were very tall. To be able to block my view, he has really done his best. Photos taken by iPhone5.

Waiting for the show to start. The theatre is still quite empty. Kiasu us? =P
The show has started
Guess who! Spice Girls!
The ending. The singers are good

Next was chill out time at Dante Disco Bar. Nobody....... except alot of children and teenagers around 11pm. The place is a Teenzone between 10.30pm to 11.30pm. Ah. Quite noisy =P haha.. We also made use of the 1 for 1 beer promotion ;)

This was earlier.. a while later, the place has alot of teens.

Ended the day with... a slice of pizza!

Pizza for you too?

Cruise Holiday on Costa Atlantica - Epilogue

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