Cruise Holiday on Costa Atlantica - Day 3

Day 3. Happy 5th year AD wedding anniversary. And it's Vesak Day, a public holiday in Singapore. Today we are disembarking at George Town, Penang. But the duration is much shorter than the disembarkation in Malacca. We intended to wake up earlier, but we unintentionally snoozed =P

We have docked at Penang 

Breakfast at deck 9. All vegetarian for the hubby but I still ate meat >.<

There are lots of pretty pastries today ^^

Today, we do not need to take a transfer ferry to the port. The ship is docked next to the port.

The front of the ship

Did our last minute homework at the port. They have maps of George Town around the exit of the place.

We Are Here

Our first stop: Jubilee Clock Tower (wiki). On the map, it looks far, but it's actually very near and we almost missed it.
To commemorate Queen Victoria's 1897 Diamond Jubilee, a Jubilee Clock Tower was constructed in George Town, Penang (at the time a British Straits Settlement) in the same year at junction of Lebuh Light (Light Street) and Lebuh Pantai (Beach Street). Built in a Moorish style, the tower is sixty feet tall, one foot for each year of Victoria's reign.
The clock tower from different angle.

Second stop: Fort Cornwallis (wiki). We bought our admission tickets and exposed ourselves to sun and cannons. Lots of big and small cannons surrounding the fort.
Fort Cornwallis - Bringing history life

A fort of 'nipah palm' was built in 1786 by Captain Francis Light & named after the then Governor-General of India. Rebuilt in 1810 with a moat; this star shaped fort was used for administration rather than defense. First recorded marriage in chapel 1799, when Light's widow, Martina Rozells married John Timmers.

The star-shaped Fort Cornwallis stands at the place where Francis Light and his crew landed in 1786, to 'take possession' of Penang island. At first a stockade made of nibong palm trunks was erected, but this was quickly replaced by a brick fort. In old paintings and postcards Fort Cornwallis can be seen surrounded by a moat and containing a number of buildings within its walls: of these the Christian chapel and a gunpowder magazine still stand. Fort Cornwallis is the best-preserved fort in Peninsular Malaysia.

Fort Cornwallis was gazette on 8 September 1977, under the Antiquities Act 168/1976, as an Ancient Monument and Historic Site.

Opens Daily 9am to 7pm
Ticket Price- Adult RM2, Children RM1
The entrance. We braved the sun and walked a big round to look for it. lol
Captain Francis Light's Statue
The gunpowder magazine inside and outdoors

Third stop: Kuan Im Temple. Initially we wanted to go to the Indian temple since it's Vesak Day and we saw a road sign for it. We were in Little India, and walked a few streets but could not find. Nevertheless, we found a Goddess of Mercy Temple, and we prayed there.
The Kong Hock Keong Kuan Im popularity called Goddess of Mercy Temple is the oldest Chinese temple in George Town. It was established in 1800 by early settlers as a centre for their religious and communal activities. In the past, the Kong Hock Keong Kuan Im at the temple tribunal often provide mediation to settle disputes within the community. Today, it is still a spiritual landmark for the Chinese in George Town
There were alot of people today.

Fourth stop: Break time. We rested a while at this coffeeshop and enjoyed a Penang white coffee and a plate of Penang Char Kuay Teow.

Quite alot of locals here.

Fifth stop: House of Yeap Chor Ee. Our last stop too. When we arrived at this destination, I was feeling giddy from the sun and heat. Time was another factor too. I have decided to write up another post for this museum as there are alot of information and pictures for this legendary Chinese man. Read more in the other post (coming soon...).
The House of Yeap Chor Ee was the first home of Yeap Chor Ee, a young immigrant who came to Penang in 1885 and worked as a barber before becoming a captain of industry at the turn of the 20th century.

The building was turned into a Social History Gallery in 2008. Through the journey of Yeap Chor Ee, the gallery gives an insight into his remarkable life and the lives of immigrants who arrived on the island from China, more than 100 years ago.
It was a very educational tour. Now I know why people like museums. But it's important to have good audio guide =)

The weather was a killer even after the last stop. I wanted to run back to the ship so that I can reach there quicker, but the problem is just that I have no more energy. We saw Star Cruise Libra docked at the pier too. Very significant difference in size. First thing we did getting back onboard, was to head to the restaurant. Hydrated ourselves with ice cold lemon tea (self made) and lunch. LOL.

The port/pier. On the left, Costa Atlantica. On the right, Star Cruise Libra. Can see which is bigger? lol

After we got our rest, we went up to the upper decks to see our ship leave the pier. At the upper most top level, there's a sports area. Basketball, football and jogging track. There were other passengers who also thought of being on the top deck to see the departure

The sports area
Can you see the Penang bridge? 

Since we had an hour before the disembarkation briefing, and not sure what to do, and we decided to go find a basketball to loan. But while we were leaving, a family came up with a basketball. Sigh... And then we saw a table tennis table, why not? The loaning of the rackets are free, but for two balls, USD1. Wow...

Let's play ping pong.

45 minutes later, I'm exhausted and losing focus. Rehydrated ourselves and headed to the theatre for the briefing. Strong aircon~~~ The briefing was a little late, and the hubby was busy crushing candy. Haha.. The briefing was quite confusing, cos he loop-explained some of the points and the actual keypoints, I feel, if they jus put into paper, it's so easily understood, save us an hour. Even the survey, we have to be debriefed =.=

The disembarkation briefing

It's rest time in our cabin. All we did was just shower, laze around, and watched sunset. Rest. I like the feeling. Not rushing to go anywhere do anything but see the open sea and watch the sky.

The clouds approaching the sun.. Turning dark and I thought no more sunset but the clouds cleared after a while
The dark clouds moved off but the sun is still partially covered by the clouds
Panaroma view

After dinner, we headed to the Caruso Theater for a magic show by White Magic with magician, Michael White and his partner, Hulan Svobodova. It was very interesting at the second half of the show when they did illusion magic. COOL. Follow them on twitter @WhiteMagicShow.

Very entertaining show

No pizza for tonight. We weren't feeling too well for a late night snack.

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