Cruise Holiday on Costa Atlantica - Day 1

Day One. It's not really a day-DAY as we are to check-in between 5pm to 9pm. Hence, most of the day was already gone, working away in the office. I requested my wonderful boss to let me go off an hour earlier, so that's like... 5.30pm. Headed to MBS to meet the hubby for Ding Tai Feng dinner before travelling on the Circle Line to Marina Bay station, and changing to bus 402. It was quite a long wait for the bus. Many people were gathering at the bus stop. Quite obvious who were going to be on the cruise with us.

We are ready to go~~
The bus schedule to the cruise centre
We saw our cruise ship docked next to the cruise centre while on travelling on the bus. It looks huge! So excited!

Finally we reached the Cruise Center. No time wasted, we headed to the check in counter, and then the automated machine that always greet us "Bon Voyage", and yep, we were walking towards the HUGE cruise ship. I was feeling very very excited. It's my first time on a cruise. I was bouncing while walking the long passage way.

Upon entering the cruise ship, we had to handover our passports for them to keep, and we are free to head to our room! Our room is on Deck 8, the highest deck for rooms, a Balcony Premium Cabin with an Ocean View Balcony.

Outside our cabin
The cabin number has the braille characters too
Our cabin. With a bed, sofa, TV, balcony
The entry from the door. Small but good for both of us. 
The bathroom. Small, but ok. Clean. Just that, no toothbrush >.< I didn't pack that!
The balcony. The door to the balcony is HEAVY
Our brochures and cards on the bed. 
This is our identification card while onboard.

At 9.30pm, there was an emergency drill. The alarm was so loud that it hurts my ears. We were all suppose to gather at deck 3, with all the other passengers, in our life jackets. The crew then demonstrates the use of life jacket. It was freaking hot and uncomfortable in a life jacket, and surrounded by so many people.

We were bored and uncomfortable.

After the drill, we are off to Malacca. We had our first meal onboard. By the way, the brochure mentioned 5 meals a day, but it's really, unlimited, anytime, as long as you go during the specific timeslots.

The restaurant on Deck 9. Most of our meals are settled here.
Our first meal. Soup noodles. Buffet style

We went touring the place. It was SO SO SO cool. The place is HUGE. I was wondering if we walk up and down from the head to the end, will our legs get tired after our trip?

The glass lift. We can see the lobby from the higher levels
This is the lobby. Right side is the glass lift.
As we are still in Singapore waters, the Casino is not open yet
At Deck 9. Open air. Night view
At the highest deck. Deck 11 I think. There are alot of sunbathing chairs everywhere onboard.
The pool at Deck 9. There are like 3 of such pools, with a jacuzzi. 

Cruise Holiday on Costa Atlantica - Epilogue

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