Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies

This morning's hype: The launch of the new Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies by McDonald's.

Guess who's here? Photo from McDonald's Facebook

I'm not a true blue (or should it be pink?) Hello Kitty fan, but when Mcdonald's once a while launches a series of collectible, I would always be drawn to a few of the plushies from the series. I like the Lion kitty from the Wizard of Oz. The Ugly Duckling kitty looks cute too. Little Red Riding Hood too... All so cute! So tempting~

Image from http://mcdgoplay.com/

The plushies are available at $4.60 each with any Extra Value Meal purchased. Different Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies are for sale each week.
  • Wizard of Oz (30 May to 5 June)
  • Little Red Riding Hood (6 June to 12 June)
  • The Frog Prince (13 June to 19 June)
  • The Ugly Duckling (20 June to 26 June)
  • The Singing Bone - Limited Edition (27 June to 3 July)
  • Special McDelivery Hello Kiity – (Available 30 May onwards and via McDelivery ONLY)

Photo from McDonald's Facebook

Get your McDelivery Hello Kitty via McDelivery. She's so cute!

Photo from http://mcdgoplay.com/

I have gotten my FIRST plushie: the Lion from Wizard of Oz. Thank you TS for helping me get ^^ Going to go get it from her tonight. So excited. She intended to pass me tomorrow, but I can't wait lol! 
(update: I got it!! Thanks TS~)

My book of Wizard of Oz, containing a lion hello kitty. Cuteness~
Hello Kitty Wizard of Oz. Accessoried her in my leopard kitty specs. And her mane can be removed~

A little regretful that I didn't attempt to sign up for the launch event organised by omy.sg. But I am unable to reach the location in time and I don't really like to be marked as late. haha. Anyway, they are all so cute~

McDonald's Singapore

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