Get a Free Cookie from Subway

Do you like eating healthy and nutritious meals from Subway? I do. And for a while now, Subway has been offering five of their combo meals at $5 daily. You can choose from Cold Cut Trio, Veggie Delight, Egg Mayo, Ham and Tuna. Each combo includes a 6-inch sub and a cup of 16oz drink.

I always choose between Egg Mayo and Tuna.

Image from Subway Singapore Facebook

When you have paid for your meal, do keep the receipt. At the bottom of the receipt, Subway invites you to take a one-minute survey at and you will be rewarded with a Free Cookie on your next purchase.

If I did not notice this, the receipt would have gone to the bin with the rest of the papers and cups and I would not have known about this survey and I would not have been able to share this. Haha..

Eat Fresh and enjoy your subs ^^

Subway Singapore

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