The Scary Trio

Today's amazing encounter. 

We were on our way down for the usual morning walk. So we were waiting for the lift and standing like 3-4 steps away. Latte was stoning behind me and not doing his usual sniffing around. Then I realise Josie was too near the lift, so i bend forward to take her hand to pull her nearer too me. At the same moment, the lift door open. 

Then the person inside the lift screamed. 不要进来! (don't come in)

I looked up and saw an elderly woman pointing her umbrella at us like we are some robbers. 你们不要进来! 我的心在跳! (You all don't come in! My heart is beating!)

Feeling the anger rising up. I told her 我们没有要进去。你下去。(We are not getting in. Go down. ) and she closed the door and went off. 

Usually we will take the next lift when we see people inside. I didn't even have time to see if there's anyone inside and she was screaming away. And today Latte was such a good boy, not in a chionging mode when the door open. None of us were moving when the door open. At most is me pulling Josie to my side. 

We took the next lift down and upon reaching downstairs, she was complaining about us to someone. I don't know what she told him/her/them, I only heard her say 我的心在跳 (My heart was beating). Sigh. Most probably we were thought of the worst by her listener. 

Annoyed, I took the kids away to the other direction opposite of her. Then after one round. She was still seated at our block's bench. Then she shouted in cantonese which I don't understand what she said. We were outside of the block, next to the road, so we were pretty far away from her. Too far for Latte to do anything to her. I just smiled, ignored and continued with what we need to do. 

Annoyed ttm!! Kenna complained for waiting for a lift. Arrgh. 

Anyway it's not the first time we encountered such exaggerated reactions. Mainly women. 

I am glad Latte has no aggression towards umbrellas. I can't imagine what would had happen. And I hope Josie doesn't understand what had happened. Negative teaching. 

Sighs. Really. What's so scary about this big nose baby?

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