Happy Mother's Day!

My second mother's day with the little girl. Thankful to be her mom, thankful to be my mom's daughter. 

Dinner out with my mom and my family. As usual, it's the zichar nearby. We managed to get a table, but the wait for the food was...... Waiting and waiting. And it was soooo sweating hot. 

The hubbs drove me to get cakes earlier on before dinner. I had been meaning to eat the cakes from Châteraisé for a long time. They have such pretty and cute cakes! And they are delicious! Soft, fluffy, yummy. 

It's another commercialised day. The hubby bought a gift. A new camera that's waterproof and shock resistant. Good to use around a toddler lol. Love the hubbs who can "read" my mind. I need something like for the little girl's swimming sessions. 

It has a very rugged feel. I guess that's what it needs to give an all rounded protection. 

Happy mother's day to all mothers. 

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