Sakae Sushi $15++ 60mins buffet

My 4th time stuffing myself with sushi and sashimi with this promotion from Sakae Sushi. This promotion had been ongoing for quite some time. Since last year I think. 

It's valid on weekdays, between 3 to 6 pm, $15++ per pax and you can eat anything off the conveyor belt for 60minutes. Red, pink, colored plates. If you eat sashimi, it's really worth it. Then it's my first time from the staff that every additional 15 minutes, $5 will be charged. Hmmz. 

Josie had a little (really very little) more sushi than the previous times. 

Our accomplishments. Not as crazy as our first time though. We only had 19 red, 19 colored and 2 pink for 5 adults. Our first attempt was over 30 red and a few colored for 3 adults. My record. Lol. 

For more information, check out Sakae's website:

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