Happy 19 months

My baby turns 19 months today. 

The little miss curious. She's curious about everything, especially when we are out and about. Stressful when we are instores as she just swipes and pulls stuff. Learning stuff quickly too. And the mammy always "teach" her the weird stuff. "Alamak" with the hand on her head and saying "mak" and yesterday she learnt "aiyoyo" and laughed at how funny the word sounded. We have to be careful of what we say in front of the kids. They learn really fast. 

Same problems as the last and the previous x months. Josie needs to eat more. There are improvements, but not gaining weight, which got the doc worried at her 18mth da. 

Last month she had hives which got us worried as we didn't know what that was. She is still having it on and off especially in this heat. Sometimes they weren't itchy, but some were so itchy that she had such bad scratches from her vigorous scratching. The spots always change location and will disappear then reappear again. Heartache. 

Love you baby. Jiayou!

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