Happy 20 Months

Happy 20 months Josie! 

Every month mammy feel the same way and say the same thing, "Soooo fast!! My baby is no longer a baby already!" 

Yah... Growing up and adding those grumpiness, crankiness, fussiness for weird reason. Fussed because Latte went near her. Cried because the irobot is in the same room as her. Whined because we wanna show her Sumo, Ballis and Theodore (rabbits). Resisted because it was bath time. Wailed because we wanna help her into some clothes as she's stark naked after her bath. Shrieked because we were on a moving train and we stopped her from running from pole to pole. And more... 

Amazing things toddlers do huh. The mammy trying very hard to not scream at her, but sometimes, the scary, irritating sound just came out like that. Ohh the mammy-nagging part is driving me crazy too. Just how many times should I repeat one thing before it's consider excessive? Lol. Horrible mammy. Btw she knows how to say "nag" and point at mammy haha...

No matter what, we still love Josie baby lots. Sorry that mammy is always so impatient. She will try harder to count to twenty instead of just ten. 

You are our precious little girl. 
Xoxo Daddy & Mammy.

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