Latte went grooming

We brought Latte for his first grooming session. It's a Groupon deal bought for basic grooming at a pawlor in Toa Payoh. On our way there, he was all active and as usual, kaypo.

We were there earlier than the appointed timing, but Latte seems reluctant to go in. I had to go in first before he follow suit.

Inside, there were about 5 other dogs. All barking non stop. Excited? The resident dog seem to be barking at me though, since I'm the stranger human.

Latte needs a top up of $15 since he's a bigger breed, and after settling the payment, I handed the leash over to the lady. Latte DID NOT want to move. It was like moving a rock. She was unable to pull him in. Just nice, the hubby came in after parking the car. So he took back the leash and led Latte into the small space behind.

The other dogs just barked even more. And Latte looks so cutely cowardly. I feel bad to leave him alone with the other stranger dogs, but it's time to start to learn to socialise with other pawdies and not just humans.

The grooming was estimated to end in 2 hours but we received the call earlier than that. While we were at the door, we saw a Japanese Spitz. Both hubby and I were thinking, the grooming changed Latte totally??? He looks soooo different, the size and the red eye stain. Haha.. We mistook another Spitz for Latte. Oops.

The lady said that everything went well, as long as owners are not around. AND... I did not know that dogs need that much grooming. The lady was saying, once a month for basic grooming and bi-monthly for a full groom. o m g?

I'm not too sure if Latte is that keen for such regular grooming. I mean, we do shower him ourselves, towel + blow dry him, then cut his nails (and he hated it) and cleaned his ears. His first trip to a pawlor left him, exhausted. He was sleeping all the way home. And he seems all tamed down when we left the place. I wonder what had happened.

Anyway Latte does not look much different from before the groom. Nails shorter, but just as sharp.

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