Samples and Goodies for Parents-to-be

I love freebies. I can test out maternity milk powder before I spend money on getting it in store. I can have additional stuff that I do not need to spend money on, like feeding utensils (too early to use) and milk powder container (too early to use)... I can get different brands of diapers for my LO to test which is more suitable.

Here are where I got my free samples:
  • My first bag of samples was the starter pack from KKH when we first registered to be patients of KKH. There are quite alot of samples in it.
  • Goodie bag from the Antenatal Classes that we signed up in KKH.
  • Goodie bag from the seminar "Parenthood: An amazing journey" organised by KKH and Great Eastern. 
  • Samples collected from Baby/Mummy Fairs. I did not collect alot from the fairs as I was a too thin skinned. I dare not approach them for samples. Haha.
  • Goodie bag from Supermom Bazaar's seminar. 
Online sample redemption for maternity milk powders:
Online sample redemption for diapers:

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