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Bornga : Never to visit again. EVER!

To celebrate the hubby's birthday, I suggested eating Korean for dinner. The hubby is a fan of Korean bbq (and alot of others cuisines). I remembered our last trip to Bornga at The Star Vista was pretty good, the food was great, the service so-so (but we can't really blame that as it was the New Year Eve, there were loads of people), and the overall experience was great. Hence that place was suggested and the hubby was keen.


Upon reaching, at 6.45pm, there were loads of empty tables and only a family of four was in front of us. Some empty tables had the Reserved sign. We did not know that reservation was possible (previously we can't do that), and so we waited. The waiter, A, said to wait 15minutes. And after 25 minutes of waiting, we were finally shown to our table at the outdoor seating. The queue got horribly long and people was fustrated with waiting especially with all the empty tables. Some customers even went to talk to waiter A. And to my surprise, the queue somehow cleared out in less than 10minutes, all being ushered to those empty tables. So we were the foolish ones to think that there were so many reservations that we have to wait 35 minutes to be seated.

When we were seated, we were not poured drinks immediately. We saw that those in the indoor seatings were being attended to almost immediately they pulled out their chairs to seat down. We were not so mean as to want immediate attention, but even after calling out to the waitress, B, who is serving another table in the outdoor seating, a few times and everytime she just looked away and walked off to do something else, never once acknowledging us AND after going up to another waiter indoors to get some attention in placing our orders (35 minutes of wait is more than enough time to decide what to eat), only to be brushed off saying we have to wait for waitress B to attend to us, AND trying again with another waiter to happen to walk by serving sides to another table, and told to wait for waitress B. But waitress B never once looked in our direction despite walking up and down to place order for that SAME table, preparing and serving their sides and serving their ordered drinks. By now, I am super pissed off. There's a limit to my patience and I feel that I am already very patient. My FIL is diabetic and he needs to eat at the 30th minute after his medication. We are already long past the timing and have to place our order FAST.

After THAT long, FINALLY, waiter A came over to take our order. By then there was already zero people queuing for a table, and most of them were already settled inside ordering or ordered and we were still looking around, waving for attention. Anyway, our original order was the big pot of stew ($40) and one pork belly ($24) for bbq. With only three of us, that is considered a pretty huge order. But waiter A said, we have to order a minimum of two meat for BBQ. So we changed our order to pork belly ($24), pork slice ($22) and a kimchi stew ($15). It was after ordering, when I checked into Foursquare, then we got to know from the tips that, it's not a minimum of two meat BBQ, but every seated customer has to order a dish. That sounds ridiculous as the big pot of stew is more than enough to cover all three of us. By the way, my FIL and me eats usually only eats half the portion of a meal. Pissed off point two.

The pork belly that we ordered. 

In between taking our orders, waiter C came over to our table and asked waiter A. "That fatty, in black, got people let him in? Or he just walked in himself?" The hubby and I almost popped our eyes. Seriously? That is how you describe customers? And worse, in front of other customers? So how does he describe our group? Best of all, the customer heard that and demanded an explanation from waiter C. I did not really bother about them after that as I can't really hear anything apart from being exposed of being THAT rude. This is so damn rude... Pissed off point three.

Oh, we were still not served water after ordering. Waitress B finally came and served us sides and drinks much later. As I can't drink the brown rice tea, and asked for water. Guess what? The water took as long as our waiting time. Nevermind. When our pork for BBQ was served, waitress B came and asked, what's our order, and after we mentioned that the stew still not yet served, she went off. We thought she was going to BBQ for us?? Being hungry, we decided not to wait. Then we realised, all the other tables, waiters A, B, C all helped them BBQ and just not us. Like WHY??? Waiter A did come to our table to want to help us, but we were already done cooking with the last piece of pork and it's just left cutting and putting in on our plates. We rejected his "help". Pissed off point four.

Waitress B bbq-ing for other table.

We are NEVER EVER going back there again. $75 for such an experience and not being able to eat the food that I want (I want to eat that big pot of stew). Sucks.

I am so sad that my hubby birthday dinner celebration ended up like this. Such a bad bad experience and it made us so pek chek. I am very unhappy. Even after leaving the place and even before sleeping. And even until next day.


  1. Is this the one at Star Vista?
    I had a bad experience at that outlet just last week. It was about 830pm on a friday night. We waited till about 845pm for a seat. Although they were very prompt, taking orders and serving the beverages and food. I felt they should have mentioned that they closed at 10pm when they gave us a seat. We ordered 3 meats and a pancake for 2 persons, and by 930 they were already trying to rush us by hijacking our grill. It was extremely uncomfortable.

    It's a pity that the food is good.


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