Shark Sonic Steam Pocket Mop SM200

The hubby wanted to get a electronic steam mop, selling me all the benefits of owning one. And as a doting wife, I agreed (again) to let him buy what he feels is good. Haha..

We went around some electronic stores and saw that electronic steam mops are EXPENSIVE. From high end $300+ to over $500. They are way way over budget. Haha.. I was still thinking that we can get one a little over $100. Oopsie...

Then, I went online to search whether there are cheaper alternatives and we saw this Shark Sonic Steam Pocket Mop SM200 on sale at Qoo10 for $79.90 (plus $18 delivery fee). That's $97.90. Under my $100 budget. Cool. So we decided to get it. (AHH.. They are selling it even cheaper now. $4.90 cheaper than what I bought)

Placed the order on the 27 April night and got the item on 4 May. Exactly one week, and it's delivered from Korea. Nice. Pretty fast delivery.

Item arrived. Tightly bubble wrapped.

All the parts that were inside the box

Ta dah~ We fixed it and it's time to test it out.

The hubby tried the mop on the day the item was delivered. Fixing was easy, although the user manual was in Korean, but we managed it by deciphering the diagrams.

Korean user manual

He said it's pretty easy to use after figuring out that to get the steam, the handle has to be pushed down. Happy hubby = happy wife ^^

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  1. Lucky you (or your hubby)! Cos price now is apparently $200! @@!
    Anw how is it now a year on? Has it lasted the whole year and is happy hubby still happily using it? ;)