I was dreaming...

I woke up to a pretty ridiculous vivid dream this morning. Even the hubby LOL at it. Unbelievable. 

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There was a gathering with the guys and we were waiting by the road for LH to pick us (BTW she don't drive in real life). Her black hatchback car then arrived. The four of us got into the back seats, and amazingly, there is still alot of space in between us. 

Then I realised that the interior of the car was incredible. The back seat is actually a four seater comfortable sofa, with a big side table on the left and a small side table on the right. The most incredible part is, even though LH is driving, there is no windshield. Only a small monitor in the middle of the white "wall" showing the front view of the road (think of those small screen building security monitor), with a 15inch computer monitor to the left of the view of the windshield monitor and a big 21inch monitor on the right. And LH is sitting in front of the three monitors driving and doing work at the same time. All using just a keyboard and mouse. I don't see a steering wheel. 

I asked LH, if it is safe to multitask? And I do not feel like we were moving on the road. She assured me that it is perfectly fine. The others seemed oblivious to all that. 

Then we were chatting and the topic of 端午节 Rice Dumpling Festival came up. I saw some wrapped small rice dumplings on the right side table and asked if we can eat. But all the dumplings were empty, although the shape is still there, still wrapped up. Then E and L saw another bunch of bigger dumplings on the left side table. Some were empty, but still in the dumpling shape, with only one or two filled with the rice dumplings. We were very happy to find those. Then A saw a super big unwrapped dumpling, and upon looking in, there were many of those bigger dumpling that E and L saw and they were placed in a position that looked like a Christmas tree. 

All of us were amazed to find more rice dumplings and why were they positioned in a Christmas tree and...... I woke up...

Lol. What does this dream even mean? Haha but I would love to have such a spacious car. It's like a moving apartment. 

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