Standing Sushi Bar

Hubby suggested we go for cheap cheap sashimi for dinner today. I had been wanting to go to the Standing Sushi Bar ever since.. ever.. lol. The promotion items were so cheap, but it was not easy to find people or time to go there.

Hubby attempted to call the outlet at 5pm to make reservations, but no one picked up. And I tried at 6pm. The lady relayed that the reservations for the night were full but walk-ins are still available. I rushed down and reached at 6.20pm, and was fifth in queue. The restaurant looks crowded, but we were seated after a 20 minutes wait. Happy.

And we ordered. Quite a number of food to choose from, but other than the promotion items, the ala carte were considerably expensive. Kind of expected it though.

Salmon Sashimi - Here's 4 sets of 5 slices, total 20 slices. Each set costs $3. The salmon were thick and fresh. Nice. We looked around and found most of the tables ordered the sashimi. Lots of sashimi. Haha.. A MUST have on a Monday night.

Cold Sake - Each glass at $2. Neither hubby and I had sake before. Either cold sake is not nice, or we are not used to it. Tastes.... weird. I'm thinking of the latter haha... Should have ordered Asahi ($5).

Fried Salmon Skin - $4 - From the ala carte menu. Crispy and tasty but too little haha.. Really just a snack for a beer session.

Oyako Don - $10.90 - From the ala carte menu. Pretty normal, nothing special. Comes with a bowl of miso soup.

Garlic Fried Rice - $7.00 - From the ala carte menu. Nice, but a little too salty and oily.

Our total bill came up to be $41.69, with 10% service charge. I would definitely come back again for the salmon sashimi and beer ^^ I love promotions.

When we left, it was only 7.45pm, and take a look at the place. haha.. Crowded with a long queue. I'm glad we had finished eating.

** Psst... I checked in to Foursquare and shared in on Twitter and... I got a reply from Standing Sushi Bar @standingsushi. haha... How sweet of them~

*** Please pardon the lousy quality of my photos. A lethal combination of a noobie in dim lightings with an iPhone5.

Standing Sushi Bar
8 Queen Street Unit 01-03 Singapore Art Museum Singapore 188535 | Tel: +65 6333 1335
8A Marina Boulevard B2-51 Marina Bay Link Mall Singapore 018989 |  Tel: +65 6634 7068

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