Hungry Ghost Festival - the last day

A month has past in the lunar calendar and today marks the end of the hungry ghost festival or the 7th month.

Daddy has got seats at the 7th month event which he helped out every year. Two of my uncles and one auntie, my dad's siblings, also helps out every year. It's an event organised by a distance relative, who is also a fengshui master, medium of gods and fortune teller (i think).

The dinner started quite late at around 8.30pm at the void deck of a block in Ang Mo Kio. But when it started, it was sure happening. The first auction was bidded was by the big boss, whom is a client of the relative. $9898 for a mountain of oranges. Daddy said that mountain is VERY heavy when he carried it up on stage.

Anways, we did not stayed till the end and left around 10plus. We were both very tired. Though we wanted to send Daddy home, he "knocks off" only after 2am. haha..

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