Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies - #5 The Singing Bone

The last Hello Kitty of the McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies is officially on sale today. However, all Hello Kitty The Singing Bone plushies are sold out even before it's 12 midnight. Sold out on Wednesday before it is officially on sale on Thursday.

People started queueing on Wednesday evening before 8pm at outlets that are opened 24hours. And McDonald's decided to give out coupons to those in queue, the number of coupons = the number of dolls. So technically, even before it's 11pm, most of the places were already out of stock.

These are NOT mine. Credits to Friend's fren.

For those outlets that opens in the morning, people were already queuing outside the shop after McDonald's closed their doors to end the day. Overnight queuing.

We KPO went to Lot 1's outlet to check out the queue. Lot 1 outlet opens in the morning.

Yep, we attempted to queue. Reached at 1145pm. And we are FAR FAR FAR away from the counter. We queued for about 30minutes before going back. The staff came over to say no more coupons... and I think we are queued 200% behind the people with coupons. Sighs..

While queuing, we saw alot of things. Since the place we went to has drive thru, people were queuing in their cars, thus, leading to a traffic holdup. And since it's near a junction, can you imagine how dangerous it is? And cars are trying to cut into the queue by squeezing the inner lane cars. We saw alot of almost scratch kind. And best of all, there was a police car trying to go out... But stuck. Even when the policeman came down to make the 2nd lane cars go off, they did not move off, stubbornly waited for a chance to cut in...

Can you see the police car? It can't move. Even sounding the siren, nobody moved.

And... if you go McDonald's Singapore Facebook or ebay or anywhere, people are busy selling at high price from their loot. Damn irritating. But I love this... THUMBS UP for the prankster.

Kenna plucked! Yay...

Sighs.... Now I'm one kitty short for the series. Just great.

The plushies are available at $4.60 each with any Extra Value Meal purchased Sold Out. Different Hello Kitty Fairy Tales plushies are for sale each week.
  • Wizard of Oz (30 May to 5 June) Sold Out in 4 days
  • Little Red Riding Hood (6 June to 12 June) Sold Out in 2 days
  • The Frog Prince (13 June to 19 June) Sold Out in 24 hours
  • The Ugly Duckling (20 June to 26 June) Sold Out in 12 hours
  • The Singing Bone - Limited Edition (27 June to 3 July)  Sold Out even before it's 12mn
  • Special McDelivery Hello Kiity – (Available 30 May onwards and via McDelivery ONLY) Sold Out

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