Same Same But Different - A Solo Exhibition by Warren Khong

Hubby was invited to his friend, Warren's exhibition opening. Located on the 4th level of Reading Room, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road.

Colourful acrylic on canvas expressionless female portraits were hung on either side of the place.
With paintings that seek to look more like they were printed by machine rather than  hand painted, Warren's pursuit of the perfect beauty through representations in art.

Reducing the human face to a mere abstraction of lines and shapes using only the essential human facial features, he raises the question of 'beauty'. Through the iconised depiction of human female faces, he aims towards reaching a resolution.

The exhibition is from 27 June till 21 August 2013. 

The exhibition is up on the 4th level. 
Two rows of colourful female faces.
I love the one in blue background.
The biggest piece in the exhibition. 
"Lips. Like claret. Painted brighter than Chinese lanterns."
Warren has exhibited both internationally as well as locally, most recently having had two solo exhibitions - 'A Collection of Shapes in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black and White (I still don't remember the name of the girl I saw that day)' at Marcuard Asia Pte. Ltd, Singapore and 'Warren Khong: A Solo Exhibition (In partnership with Whisky Live & Fine Spirits Paris 2011 and La Maison Du Whisky)' at the Hotel Salomon De Rothschild/ Salon VIP, Paris in 2011. His works have also been used by La Maison du Whisky for their 'Artist' range limited edition whisky labels. He has also exhibited in several group shows, including 'Coincidence' at Renaissance Art Gallery, Manila, and he worked on both Sol LeWitt wall drawings at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

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