Eng Kee Fried Chicken Wings 榮記炸鷄翅膀

An accidental find.

Initially the hubby wanted to bring me to the Commonwealth Cresent Market & Food Centre (Oh. I'm a very hawker person, I always ask him to eat in hawkers haha. I don't mind eating in a non aircon place as long as there's cheap and delicious food) but the whole place is not open. I guess they only operates in the day time?

On our way to the hawker, we saw this place, Eng Kee Fried Chicken Wings 榮記炸鷄翅膀, with a long queue and decided to join the queue when we realised that the hawker centre is closed.

About 20 minutes later, our dinner is freshly out of the wok and on our table. The beehoon and the chicken wings were piping hot. 3 chicken wings, 1 wuxiang, 1 plate of cabbage and 2 plates of beehoon costs $7.70.

The beehoon, I can just eat it plainly without any ingredients. It's chewy and a little soupy. Maybe because it just came out of the wok. And the quantity is alot. I love the beehoon.

Reviews on Foursquare raved and praised the chicken wings here, although it was mentioned that the shop has changed hands and the reviews were a few years old. One of the common comments was that one is not enough. So we got 3 haha.. Also piping hot from the kitchen, the chicken wings are juicy and tender.

The only negative side is, our table place is hot and stuffy. The windier tables were taken up. We were sweating while eating.

Definitely coming back here again.

Eng Kee Fried Chicken Wings 榮記炸鷄翅膀
Blk 117, Commonwealth Drive #01-711, Singapore 140117

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  1. Just had the fried chicken wings. They were still very good.