My Weekend

Last friday, went back to my parents' place with a durian swiss roll to 孝敬 my mummy for the coming Mother's Day. Hope she likes it. And I had gotten feedback that the previous time when I went home with a Mango and Chocolate swiss roll, they prefer the Chocolate flavour too. Same thoughts.

Then it was durian swiss rolls delivery the to my GFs staying in the North. They also thought of treating their mother and mother-in-law durian swiss rolls. Hmm.. Does all mothers like durian? haha

And I had finally collected my Denim Absolut. Thanks Janice for helping me buy. It's been a while.... A new member to my collection.

New member to my Absolut collection

Saturday was pretty dull. Housework in the day and I only got out of the house in the evening for dinner. Simple dinner at a coffeeshop with the Hubby and FIL. The hubby and I then went dating at West Coast Park. Sea breezing while we chit chatted. Ended the night with a Sundae each before heading home.

Dinner at Coffeeshop at Bukit Batok

"Sweet endings" at WCP McDonalds

Sunday. It's Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be. Oh mummy don't want to come out for dinner as she feels that every where is crowded with people.

It was almost as dull as my Saturday. Housework in the day. And I am glad the sun managed to dry all the clothes but I was sweating like mad even right out from a bath. The hubby and I had dinner at Chong Pang. Almost every stall has a long queue.

On our way to Chong Pang Market

Satay 5 chicken, 5 pork, 1 rice [$5.50], Hokkien Mee [$3.50], Oyster Omelette [$4.00]

After dinner, we bought Lao Ban tou hua to Yishun Dam for stargazing. There were lots of stars in the sky, with a smiley moon.

Do you see the stars and the smiley moon?

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