Asahi Silver Beat Party

Participated in the Asahi Beer Facebook page's event guestlist giveaway and had gotten the invite for 2. The event is held at One On the Bund on 21st December 2012, Friday from 10pm to 2am with free flow of Asahi Super Dry all night!

The event features the AOS Collective, a six man DJ/MC crew founded by Celeste Chong, Co-founder and Marketing Director of The Butter Factory. The crew consists of DJ HAPA, MC N’FA, DJ T.T and three The Butter Factory’s resident DJs,  DJ Stanley, DJ Andrew T and DJ Dave Does.

The venue for this party is One on the Bund. It seems like a pretty difficult place to get to. The address given was quite vague, and while walking along the stretch, we were not able to find it. But the restaurant is located just inside the hotel lobby. Walk straight in, and you will see the restaurant. We waited till it was 10pm before heading to the hotel.

We were greeted by the tall chic looking christmas tree in the hotel lobby.

There was a queue for attendance. There are three people in charge of finding names on three different stacks of paper. The waiting time was not very long, but I was quite irritated. They have to filter through the 3 stacks of paper for my name, when actually my name is on the first list. Technology is so advanced now. Why not tabulate the list of names into a Google Spreadsheet, find 3 laptops or tablets, Ctrl-F our name, and ta-dah.... Found. Google spreadsheet editing is also real-time, striked out on one, the rest of the two laptops accessing the spreadsheet, will also show that it's striked out.

Ok. I'm just grumbling...

After a long wait hovering at the registration table to find my name, we were given a Asahi mousepad and a wristlet. Wearing the wristlet entitles us to the freeflow of Asahi Super Dry beer.

The place was still not very packed as we were pretty on time. We are able to go through the restaurant and out to the open area by the river, facing Marina Bay Sands.

Free flow of Asahi Super Dry beer are served in chilled cans. We can grab one from the counters of from the tray of servers walking around or standing by the side. Strange is, we gotta pop open the can by ourselves. Haha... I'm just thinking as a kiasu Singaporean, unopened can = easy to smuggle out. Of course, I did no such thing =P Just a kiasu thought.

After about an hour's wait, the host of the night finally came on and introduced the important lady of Asahi. They then continued with announcing the winners of the lucky draw, which I only got to know at the point of time that there is a lucky draw. My friends and I were wishing hard that we were the first prize winner, but we had no luck.

Top prize is a Free and Easy trip for 2 to Osaka, with a half day tour to Asahi Brewery worth $3600.
Second prize, 12 cases of Asahi Super Dry beer worth $540
Third prize, 5 cases of Asahi Super Dry beer worth $225

The party finally started a while after 11pm. The AOS Collective started their pumping high music. But kinda feel weird cos the lighting in the restaurant is abit too bright for a party..

My friends and I managed to spot an empty table and we rested our feet for a while.

Update 03 January 2013
Asahi Singapore posted that evening's photos. I'm in a few of them. Here are the photos:

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