End of the world: 'Gangnam Style'?

Read a doomsday news on inSing: http://news.insing.com/tabloid/end-world-gangnam-style/id-19683f00, pretty entertaining. It shows a spoof video on the prophecy on doomsday on 21st December 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. 

The original video posted on the news page, reported to have 1.5 million views, was being brought down by YouTube, showing this message "This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service. But I found another version here, though with only 321 views.

Here's the video:

The prophecy from 1555 reads: From the calm morning, the end will come, when of the dancing horse, the number of circles will be nine.

It's interesting how this "prophecy"was analysed. Quoted from inSing news:
South Korea is known as "land of the morning calm", the dancing horse is Psy's signature dance style and the nine circles refer to the nine zeroes he will rack up when the 'Gangnam Style' video passes one billion YouTube views. 
The number of views currently stands at nearly 972 million, and it could reach the billion mark on or around 21 December. 
The "documentary" features an ominous narration that notes Psy's "cultural domination over Western civilisation" with images of the singer dancing with Britney Spears and UN leader Ban Ki-moon. 
"The evil that is enticing and looks cool will bend people's minds with contagious behaviour," it adds over footage of flash mobs doing the horse-riding dance in Paris and Rome.

After watching the doomsday video, I went to check out the number of views of the gangnam style video. It has a total of 988,098,600 views.

At the end of the day, the video is a spoof. But is it really the end of the world, we'll find out tomorrow.

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