Tiger Beer: Have you been good this year?

Participated in the Tiger Beer: Have you been good this year? (see previous post) and won three tickets to the Tiger Beer party on 22nd December 2012, Saturday from 7.30pm at the Pit Building. Each ticket is entitled to two beers.

We got there only at 10pm, as my friend had other appointments in the evening time. Here's the view that greeted me while walking towards the F1 Pit Building. The silhouette is stylooo..

The queue was empty, and yet we gotta go round and round to get to the registration counter. The weird thing is, they did not check for my invite, or tally my name against their guest list. They only checked our IDs for our age and we were granted access with a Tiger Beer blue wristlet and 2 drinks vouchers. So does it means that anyone can just go and there is no need for an invite to our email? Hmm...

The drinks counter set up in the building. There's two of this counter on the extreme sides of the wide party space. Guests are entitled two free drinks, by exchanging our drink vouchers and it would cost $10 per cup for the subsequent drinks.

The center piece of the Tiger Beer Party.

The DJ is trying hard to make a high and happening atmosphere. But the crowd is just too sparse. Not alot of people around.

My drinks vouchers.

Tiger beer is served in thick quality plastic cups. Cheers..

The difference in our wristlet, Blue (left, mine) signifies normal invitee with 2 cups of Tiger Beer. Silver (right, my friend's) signifies VIP with free flow of Tiger Beer..

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