Soup Restaurant

It was a family dinner affair at The Soup Restaurant after watching the movie, "The Expendables 2". As usual, the food taste fantastic. The only downside is the peanut snack. It's chilli crisps with peanuts, does not taste nice and too spicy for us. The entire plate was almost untouched. We still prefer the previous, plain crispy peanuts.

Samsui Ginger Chicken (L) $29.90 ++
Must order dish when eating in Soup Restaurant.
Ah Kong Fan Shu Leaves (M) $12.90++
The spicy version of Fan Shu Leaves. The non spicy is named "Ah Ma". 
Boiled Soup of the Day (M) $12.90
Soup of the day is the Lotus Roots Soup. Very tasty.
Fried Baby Kai Lan with Dang Gui (M) $14.90
Don't really like this dish. Might be because of the the Dang Gui, causing it to be bitter.
Claypot Toufu (M) $12.00
Soft and juicy

Soup Restaurant
Jurong Point Shopping Centre #02-33

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