Java Detour

Due to the disappointing chicken cordon bleu sandwich from last friday, I met up with gf to satisfy my appetite with a delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu and Egg Salad.

The egg salad was a little tasteless. Not really recommended. The chicken sandwich is definitely my favourite.

The service standard was the same as the previous visit. Slow. They like to prepare an item at a time then call out when done. We had to walk at least three trips to the counter to collect our food. Two fruitless trips: once, we heard the wrong item and next, they made the wrong order. But they were friendly. We did not manage to order any cakes as our little tummies are already full from the egg salad and sandwich.

Egg Salad $9.00
Chicken Cordon Bleu $14.00
Crispy Chicken, Honey Baked Ham, Melted Cheddar, Lettuce & Tomato on wholemeal bread

Java Detour
Marina Bay Sands Resort #01-30

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