Singapore Chinese Opera Museum - Bian’s Cafe

Today's lunch was at Bian's Cafe at Sultan Plaza. On serveral previous occasions, we wanted to get our lunch at the Bian's Cafe located on the Kandahar Street, but it was closed. Instead, we saw the cafe in Sultan Plaza and my guess was that they had moved.

The place was nicely decorated with chinese opera related photos, decorations and props. It was a cosy little place. We were seated and wanted to look at their menu, but the only menu they had was the one on the wall, over at their counter. So we had to leave our seats and return to the entrance to order.

The food were not fantastic. Normal or some below average. We also ordered drinks. Colleague says the Latte is the best among all the stuff we had ordered. The food came very slowly as there was only one cook and many orders. I could see other tables who were seated much later than us already had their food served while our table was only half served. Seems like they are unable to handle well during busy period.

Almost after lunch time, most of the patrons left, and they started setting up the place, moving tables and chairs to one side. The lady said that they were going to have a class.

The bill came up to about $56.00 for the five of us. I would not go back for the food, but maybe only for the friendliness and quiet, cosy ambience.

One of the wall is filled up with framed photos of the chinese opera singers
More chinese opera items and the history on the wall
The hot drinks are served in this mug. 
Nothing fanciful.
French Fries
Nothing fanciful. Oily.
Three Mushrooms Chicken with Rice
Comments were that it tastes nice, but not salty enough.
Even though the person eating pour in lots of soya sauce, it is still too bland
Pork Ribs Noodles
Comment was that the noodles is normal, and nothing fantastic.
Chicken Chop Noodles
This is my order. And sad to say, they threw in a free plastic wrap (See top right)
They forgot to remove the wrap for the chicken! Gosh. They changed a new bowl for me.
But it looks like the same bowl. Overall, does not taste nice.
Curry Chicken with Bread
Comments were that the curry tastes like it is from a canned or prepack seasoning.
But the bread, yum, Crispy! Bite in and you can hear how crispy it is.
This is the only dish that passes.

Singapore Chinese Opera Museum
100 Sultan Plaza #01-27

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