Hatched at Holland Village

Saturday evening's dinner was at Hatched in Holland Village with my girlfriends. Most were first timers. And I really like the decorations in there. Very cute. Eggs!

CF and I were there first and gotten ourselves a table while we waited for the others to reach. I guess we were quite early as there were still quite a number of empty tables. It was only after about 7pm, the place was packed. There was a second level too, saw the stairs and someone was being ushered up when I went to the toilet. The toilet stinks by the way.

There were quite a number of service crew members, but it was a reasonable number after knowing that there is another level of Hatched customers to serve. The overall service was good.

Love the Salt and Pepper. It's in the shape of eggs. The menu were colorful and funky too.
Cheese Fries $12.00
It is a very big portion. No wonder the price is bigger portion too.
Burly Benedict $13.00 (One) $19.00 (Two)
This is marked as a must try. However, it's beef and I can't try.
Popeye's Salute $13.00 (One) $19.00 (Two)
I ordered this. Even though it looks pretty boring, with just the poached egg on top of
spinach and half a muffin, it tastes not too bad. I quite liked it. Taste nice and healthy.
Papillote ($16.00)
Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and toast. Forked a little of the scrambled egg
to try and it taste bland. Maybe a pinch of salt and pepper would do the trick.

Evans (26 Evans Road Evans Lodge #01-06)
Holland Village (267 Holland Avenue)

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