Zoo with Katelynn

Got a last minute invitation from Katelynn's papa to go to the zoo. While Josie's papa was still hesitating, Josie's mama wanna go! Lol

When we reached the gates of the zoo, the staff at the entrance RUDELY asked "How old is your child?" Pointing to Josie. Angry. First, Josie is not even 2. Second, what a way to start my zoo trip with such rudeness. 

A child aged 3 and above requires a ticket. Still a long way to go for Josie. Don't make it sound like we trying to bluff our way through. Angry. 

Katelynn was sleeping through the first half of our zoo trip lol 

Giraffees are cute! 

Yay Katelynn meimei is awake. But Josie not friendly, don't wanna hold hands. 

Say cheese

After the animal show. We got to take photos with the stars. 

Cheeky girl running about

Fun day. No rush trip to the zoo. Thanks for the invitation!

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