Our morning by the beach

Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim friends. And yippie to everyone cos it's a public holiday!

I love public holidays and weekends. Means. More time spent with the hubby. 

This morning when we woke up, the hubby suggested going to the beach. Oh yay!! Definitely a Yes. 

So we prepared and everything and then when we were about to head out. It started raining. Then it got very heavy. Sighs. But we went ahead. Checking the weather forecast, it's starting from the west. And sure enough, exiting Clementi, the weather was fine, not like the storm we went past earlier. 

And since the storm will continue east, we decided to go ECP instead of Sentosa. More time to stay on the beach. We avoided the newly reopened area and headed to the F area. Many people were already there. 

Latte and Josie had fun. So did we. Josie likes and is scared of the sea. But hated the sand. Latte is the opposite. Totally hated the sea. I guess also because the tide is coming, hence the wave was pretty strong. 

We didn't stay long before the sky turned dark. And shortly after we left the carpark, the rain came. Lucky us. 

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