Splashing Fun

We spent the afternoon splashing water at the Pasir Ris Swimming Complex. It's my first time there. We went there after our bingsoo. 

The swimming complex is marked as a feature pool. Very new looking, with a lap pool, a tiny medium pool and a pool with "playground" for children. Overall. Small. 

The medium pool is crowded with children and coaches. The lap pool, I don't really remember how it was haha. I don't really swim after having Josie. My focus is on her and things for her. 

The children pool is very shallow, what we will call the baby pool. Great for young children to splash water and get used to being in the water. Josie had fun. She kept wanting to go up the playground. But she's too young and not tall enough to play on her own. The lifeguard doesn't allow anyone above 1.2m up the playground. 

Here are some of her happy and excited shots taken with the camera the hubby gifted me on Mother's Day! Love it. 

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