Eat Binggo

Located on the second level of the newly renovated shopping mall White Sands, Eat Binggo offers delicious Korean bingsoo in 10 flavours for only $6.90. You can also craft your own flavour by choosing 3 toppings and 1 icecream of ur choice for the same price. Check out their menu on their facebook page: Eat Binggo Menu

Here's our xmm showing approval of what's she's having. She ate the bingsoo one mouth after another (direct translate: 一口接一口 lol). 

Our B.F.F. (Berries Fresh Fruit) bingsoo. It comes with 3 fruit choices, berry sauce and cranberries. We ordered Strawberry, Blueberry and Mango. 

Friend's order. Injeolmi bingsoo with injeolmis, injeolmi powder and almonds. One of their bestsellers. 

Josie at the shop front. 

One last photo of the xmm enjoying her bingsu. 

We will definitely head back again when we are in the East. Delicious way to cool ourselves on a hot afternoon. 

Eat Binggo
White Sands #02-K5

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