Josie haircut

Josie's hair was getting long and very messy. So we decided to let her have a haircut. Short, cute, doll hair. 

I brought her to EC House. An outlet with kids' ride. Those that you put in a coin and it will move and play music. I assume that the hairdressers will show more patience, since they welcome young customers. Oh they have Barney on TV too! 

And am I glad I chose this. She was very patient and friendly. Previous haircut experience was BAD. She was tsk tsk ing all the way. The salon was one I always patronised even after I moved. I no longer go there. Anyway back to her haircut. 

It was a fuss free process. Thank goodness. She enjoyed herself by "steering" the train and watching Barney. 

Turning around, looking around, is expected. The lady handled it well. Although I suspect that the fringe ended up so short is because Josie kept moving and she kept trimming hahha. 

Josie was ok with the vacuum too. The lady was hesitant. I was gamed. You won't know if you don't try. Glad Josie wasn't too fussy about it. She continued watching Barney and driving her train. 

At the end of the haircut, the lady inserted the coin for Josie to play the ride. So nice. Haha.. 

And here's the reason why I feel her hair is so short. So round haha. 

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