Good Friday - Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Today is a Public Holiday! A Good Friday. I love public holidays as it means the hubby is spending the day with us.

Josie woke up pretty early today. A little before 7am. But I was too tired, hence I self snoozed alittle until she went to karjiao the daddy to wake up. Haha.. Then I proposed that we go to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, that is opened to public today from 9am to 6pm. (Saw the news a few days ago).

The next time it opened its doors is on Labour Day, 1st May 2016

Here's our photo journal with some captions. 

Josie was not keen to sit on the railway track for photos. 

She either looked down and checking out the stones or she looked stressed out. 

The place is filled with people. But we're glad we went in the morning. I saw friends' posts about their visit that was even more crowded. 

"Modelling" by the station. Have to remember not to slouch so much. 

Enjoying herself. 

It's a joy to see her explore and enjoy herself. 

Following our tour guide. 

Josie got tired pretty quickly. Also because she woke up real early. Haha.. 

Enjoyed myself today. Something different to do as a family. Sadly Latte can't join us. I'm sure he'll like the place too. 

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