The big day. Welcoming dear Josie

After 39weeks and 4days, our LO finally arrived in our arms. A long wait indeed. But everything is worth it. She's our darling baby girl, Josie.

And I am finally blogging after a week from the big day. Lots to do, lots to learn.. I'll update more when I get the time after getting some rest in between. I guess updates will be slow though :P

At 39weeks and 2days, we went for our checkup due to LO's weight gain (est 3kg at wk37) and suspected of low amniotic fluid index due to my weight loss. And LO's new est weight is 3.6kg.

Our gynae, Dr CK Khoo, after a long wait to see him, isussed my admittance letter for induced delivery at 2am the next day as he was worried that our LO will be too big for natural delivery. That is like, another 5 hours right after seeing him. Woo.. I can feel the nerves. Excited, scared and nervous.

After admission, we spent about 2-3 hours in the delivery suite for the first prostin insertion, and we were sent up to our ward/room. I was still zero cm dilated. Hubby decided to checked me into Class A ward, so that we do not need to share the ward. The ward looks like a mini hotel room. Our mini staycation to welcome our LO. 

Dr had instructed for another prostin to be inserted at 10am. And by 11am, I started having contractions. Tolerable but still not yet dilated. At 1630, I find that the contractions were too painful. So I had pethidine injected to my thigh. Lucky for me, I finally dilated. 2cm at 1930 and 4cm at 2200. 

I had my epidural done at 0130. It was too painful to endure the contractions without any pain relief. The doc who administered the epi was very interesting. Hubby and I both liked him and his honesty. 

At 0140, I started bleeding, which is normal and I thought I was finally progressing. But the next check at 0800, i was only 3cm dilated. It can close back?? Dr had ordered oxytocin, a liquid drug to be administered by IV tube to increase contractions, to start at 1000.

My gynae finally came to see me at 1030. And after his check, I was 5cm dilated. I'm so happy. I'm tired of being disappointed after waiting for so long. Then at around 1330, nurse checked that I was 9cm dilated. Yay!!! She gauged that I would be ready by 1430. But guess not.

My third dose of epidural has to run out just before labour. And I can feel the intense pain. Omg!! I rejected the use of the laughing gas but mid way, after being rude and cranky to the nurses and hubby for a while, I had begged to use the gas. Or anything to relief the pain and discomfort. Well, whatever they show ob TV is not that dramatic. I was like a mad woman.

I had a hard time holding it and not push when my LO was crowning, or near it, I'm not too sure. It was just unbearable and I just have to push. Finally my gynae cane after rushing over from another csect delivery. I was so glas he finally showed up. With his one punch and my final push, our 10 months of effort is born. But I was not really feeling that yet as I can still feel lots of blood and the placenta waiting to be delivered. It was only after everything was out, I felt a sense of relief, then happiness when I heard my daughter's cry. My daughter was born on 10 October 2014 at 4+pm, weighing about 3.4kg.

It wasn't for long as right after that, doc was trying to stitch me up. But as my epi was long gone, I was in pain. Doc asked me to get my relief from the gas. Numbing, if I can keep my mind away from anticipating when is the next stitch. Ouch.

When everything was done, we took a photo with the doc, did skin to skin and waited for the nurse to settle the paper work and clean me. Finally we can go back to the ward at 7plus. Oh I puked green liquid. I wonder if it's from the epidural or laughing gas.

The world spinned with stars and I almost fainted while getting myself off the bed to the wheelchair. It was uncomfortable. Guess that's the result from losing so much blood. I was exhausted, super giddy and ... very exhausted... I could not care much about anything at that time and simply wished to rest. 

Anyway, I was expected to pee but I prefer to go to the toilet and I blacked out. Scared my hubby. And maybe that's why that nurse whom was suppose to take care of me when I fainted, keep giving me the black face whenever I asked for help for anything. Sighs.

My family came a while that night to see our daughter. Everyone seems really happy to see her.

Now our new worries is her growing up strong and healthy, physically and mentally. Our new stage in life.

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