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Pregnancy by the week

Here's the breakdown of my pregnancy by the week. Morning sickness, swelling, insomnia, they are all part of the pregnancy. Back ache starts as early as in the first trimester and lasts all the way through.

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W 6: Morning Sickness, Headache, Nausea started.
W 16: Morning Sickness subsided.
W 20: Detailed ultra scan. LO was very shy, had difficulty seeing her heart and nose. Took us 4 hours at the centre and overdued for the Doc's appointment.
W 22: Swelling feet and spider nerves started.
W 23: Heat Rash started. LO started moving in the bump.
W 24: Bumps slowly infected my body all over for two weeks. From underarms, elbow fold, knee fold, thighs, belly, lower abdomen, hips.
W 26: Insomnia. Wake every two hours and only able to sleep after 4am.
W 27: Rash and itchy bumps subsided.
W 29: Insomnia worsened. And I wake every half to one hour. Once I managed to fall asleep only after 4am.
W 30: Stretch marks start to show. LO weighs 1.608kg at 30w2d. Doc banned me from ice cream, durians, burgers and anything fastfood. He's worried that LO will be too big for V delivery
W 31: Insomnia got better, Waking up only once around 4.30am
W 32: Middle fingers on both hands start to lock up. Wake up with locked and painful fingers. Fatigue got really bad, very easily tired.
W 33: Experienced LO's hiccups. Having difficulty breathing as LO starts pressing on the rib area. LO learns to protest when I accidentally placed the iPad on the top of the tummy.
W 34: Insomnia came back. Painful ankles, finger joints, wrists and frequent toilet trips keep waking me up. Sometimes I can fall back asleep immediately, sometimes, it may take me hours to fall asleep.
W 35: Experienced Braxton Hicks. I assume that's what it is. Tightened belly and I can feel LO body parts protruding out. Not painful, just alittle freaked out whenever that happens. It is like am I hurting my LO?
I had heartburn for the first time, and it was terrible. I was unable to sleep.
Doc says LO is growing well, and so am I. LO is about 2.68kg.
W 36: I wake up in the middle of the night sweating big buckets, even though the air conditioning was on. And the frequency to the toilet increased.
Bad aching feeling at the joints.
W 37: Lots of contractions-alike-feeling. Tightening of bump
Doc mentioned that my weight loss maybe due to the lessening of water and he's worried. So I will be seeing him again on the 39th week. LO is about 3kg.
Wake up every half to 1 hour from breathlessness or bump tightening or the urge to go to the toilet
Bad aching feeling at the joints
W 38: At 38w3d, I had my first real contraction. It really felt like bad menstrual cramps, with LO pushing all the weight down to the bottom and stabbing pain at the bottom.
Waking up nightly about every 2 hours from the urge to go toilet. I would wake up feeling extremely hot and bump feeling very tight, with the "head" pushing up to the surface.
Some leg cramps while walking. Felt at the back of the thigh.
Cravings for food happens right after dinner time >.< All those unnecessary weight gained.
W 39: At 39w2d, we went for my doc appointment. And we were given a surprise. I have to admit into the hospital in another 5 hours. 12 midnight. Feeling nervous yet excited. 


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