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It is a role. Not a job.

There are mummies who thinks that staying at home and looking after their children 24/7 as a job. And as time goes by, they feel that working as a mummy is tiring with no leave, no off, no holidays, no weekends and no me time. And even when there is a holiday, it's just another day with the children.

I am not yet a mummy. But I had tried very hard to finally be able to become a mummy. Finally having a child of our own, we feel elated, and we look forward to being a new daddy and mummy. Hence I do not wish to fall into that school of thought. Our child came with hard earned effort, and it is not just some project that we have to submit. And not forgetting that, a public holiday to me means more family time with the working daddy. 

Being a mummy is a role in my life, like being a filial daughter and a virture wife. It is definitely not a job. We can change jobs whenever we want. But if we treat being a mother is a job, won't that make life difficult for ourselves? 

And of course, daddy plays a very important role. If there is no support from the daddy to the mummy, the mummy will just feel depressed. Why are we mummies trying so hard to be there for our children and yet the daddies just come home from work each day, play with the children, then off to do their own stuff and rest? Daddies have to try to help out in some way or another. Even small little things matter. Daddies have to learn to take care of their children by themselves too. Being too reliant on the mummies doesn't give daddies the real joy of being a dad. It's all about being patient and getting used to it. Which child doesn't cry, make a fuss, throw temper? Adults do that too. 

I am just glad that I have a really good hubby, who is supportive and we have the same set of thinking when it comes to children's education. And I am glad to be born by my parents as I am being brought up in an environment that attributes to my thinking and sense of responsibility. 

I hope this thought doesn't change as I progresses to be a full time mummy, especially with my short temper and lack of patience. I love my new upcoming role. I look forward to it.  

11 days to week 40. 


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