2014 Formula1 Singapore Grand Prix - Mayday 五月天

The hubby surprised me, yet again, with two tickets to the Friday's F1 Singapore Grand Prix. Surprise surprise. But as it was a school day for him, we can only reach the venue a little after 10pm.

Lots of people were already there, and the fan zone was already full from Mayday's fans. We stood quite far away from the stage, but still managed to catch glimpses of the stage, though I am unable to see clearly what or who is on the stage. Lucky for the huge projection screen.

The night was high! And sweating hot! Halfway through my back and legs were already tired from standing. I had loads of fun. Singing along, listening to them live. But poor hubby, who is not a total fan, has to endure the 1 hour 40 minutes standing and sweating along with the rest of us.

They sang a total of 19 songs! So happy!
  1. OAOA
  2. 孙悟空
  3. 三个傻瓜
  4. 赌神
  5. 星空
  6. 我不愿让你一个人
  7. 歪腰
  8. DNA
  9. 知足
  10. 温柔
  11. 入阵曲
  12. 伤心的人别听慢歌
  13. 恋爱ing
  14. 干杯
  15. 诺亚方舟
  16. 轧车
  17. 离开地球表面
  18. 突然好想你
  19. 倔强

Here's the playlist compiled from YouTube. Let's get high!! Rock it~


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