Kaohsiung : Our accommodation : Royal Group Hotel

This is where we will be staying for the next 4 nights. Royal Group Hotel 高雄御宿商旅-站前館. They have alot of branches in Kaohsiung. And we chose this, the one nearest to a KRT. It is only 5-8 minutes walk from the Kaohsiung Station, depending on your speed (I walk too slowly). The left side of the KRT exit is under renovation, else the hotel is visible upon exiting the station.

Checking in. We booked the room without having to pay any deposit. But the rule is that we have to check in between 4pm to 11pm. By 11pm, they will release the room. Of course you can pay a deposit to secure the room, so that you don't have to worry about checking in after 11pm. Full payment is to be done at checking in.

We had reserved a standard King size bed room which costs NTD1700 per night. A standard Queen size bed room costs NTD1600 per night. The difference is only NTD100, which is about SGD4.30. I wonder why is the difference so small.

Our room is on the 12th floor. The highest is the 13th floor. The lift is a little slow, but it's alright with us, as long as it is stable. Hmmmm..

Here's our room. Huge king sized bed. Normal ordinary hotel room, with enough space for walking about.

The TV has lots of channels. Though we mostly only watched Taiwan variety shows, dramas (Currently showing 神雕侠侣 - 刘亦菲's version), and Doraemon. Our pre-breakfast, daytime break and before bedtime entertainment.

All the toiletries have the same packaging. I bet the cleaning staff also had problems putting them up, as on the first day, I got 4 shampoos and yet only ONE shower gel. They come to clean up everyday and changed everything. Not sure whether is good for hygiene or bad for troublesome and wasteful. I have to open up a new bar of soap everyday just to use it for that two three times.

Their restaurant is located at the basement. And it is not accessible by lift. We have to walk down and up the pretty steep stairs. Scary for me. The hotel provides 24 hours snacks here, provided that we only dine in and not bring back anything up to our room.

They have lots of baos, looks pretty but taste soso...

... icecream, drinks (hot and cold), popcorn...

... and tea leaves eggs.

Breakfast is included by the hotel. It is provided at the same restaurant located in the basement. The variety provided is a little hmm..

The following are our daily breakfast, for two person. We shared whatever that is in the photos. Can see that there are not much choices. And after two days, everything taste the same as the previous day. On our last day (no photo), we ate mostly toasts. Haha..

I am not too sure whether we will consider staying in this hotel again if we were to visit Kaohsiung again. Maybe there will be more accessible Minsu popping out in the future? We wanted to stay in a homestay, but they are not really accessible. Too far too walk for me. And for our current criteria, this hotel is the best choice.

Oh. One bad thing about the hotel room. The gap below the front door is really huge. When we sleep, with all lights turned off, the corridor lights shine in quite brightly. But the bathroom is located between our bed and the corridor, so most of the lights is blocked off. And also because of the gap, whenever we are at the corridor, outside our room, I can hear TV sound and laughters from the other rooms. Though I am unable to hear anything when we are inside our own room.

Royal Group Hotel 高雄御宿商旅-站前館 


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