Kaohsiung : Arriving in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Yippie! July finally came and our long awaited holiday is finally here. Our last holiday (not counting Malaysia's or Batam's one/two night staycation) was last year May. We took a cruise last year. Woah... Really a long-awaited one. It had been more than a year ago.

Flight: Cathay Pacific / Dragonair

This time, we booked to travel on Economy class. My first time travelling on Economy with the hubby. Haha.. I'm the stingy one who always wanna save by travelling budget, then I will get a higher budget for shopping =P

I cannot compare whether Cathay Pacific Economy class is better than any other airlines, as the only other time I flew by Economy was more than 10 years ago. But I do like the overall services and comfort. There are entertainment and food service (which is not that bad) on board, which you have to pay for if travelling budget. And definitely prefer the leg space and seats.

Yay. Movie time. We watched Marvel's Captain America - The Winter Soldier. We missed it in the cinemas. 
The omelette breakfast is bland. But I like the rest of the food. 
The chicken congee tastes surprisingly better than expected. LOL

Unluckily, when we were about to reach Hong Kong for transit, our plane hit turbulence big time. The worst turbulence I had ever encountered ever. The feeling was terrible. Especially for people like me who do not really appreciate roller coaster rides.

The transit in Hong Kong was short, especially in such a huge airport. We spent most of the time walking from the arrival gates to transit, to departure gates. They were so far apart.

The sister airline of Cathay Pacific - Dragonair, is not as high standard as Cathay Pacific. Maybe it's a short flight, about an hour and 30 minutes, the food service is rushed and the food tastes yucky. Maybe it's also because the passengers nearby are a little too rowdy, plus it was afternoon, the sun was glaring in.

Hot hot weather.
I don't like the dishes on Dragonair at all.

Definitely going to consider the pros and cons of Economy vs Budget the next time we travel. Especially if the flight is going to take longer than 2-3 hours.

Telecommunications: Prepaid Mobile Data

The first thing we did after we had gotten our chopped passports, was to look for the Pre-paid mobile data counter. The counter is quite easy to find. The information counter even has this sign on their table to get visitors to head up to level 3 of Kaohsiung International Airport.

Chunghwa Telecom has got many plans for you to choose from. From pure data to hybrid of data and airtime. We had gotten the 5 days unlimited pure data usage for NTD300. The hubby read that this promotion package/price is only valid in this outlet in the airport. May not be able to get this rate outside of the airport.

Many people were queuing to get their prepaid cards.
The sim card is suitable for Android or iPhone. 

After 5 days of using the Hubby's hotspot, I conclude that it's really slow. Hubby says it's because we were too used to using 4G/LTE. But even the main set, his phone with the sim card, is slow too. The main reason we bought this sim card is for in case we got lost, and we can use Google Map to save us. However when we were really lost, time was lost too, by just waiting for stuff to load.

Luckily our hotel provides WiFi. We can do some last minute homework before heading out (if need).

Transport: KRT / iPass

Similar to our MRT, in Kaohsiung, they have the KRT Kaohsiung Rapit Transport. And to save us time and effort for having to keep buying single tickets, we bought iPass (Similar to our Ezlink cards). They have such cute cards.

The KRT is quite accessible to most of the places we wish to go. See their map here: http://www.krtco.com.tw/train_info/service-1.aspx

In Kaohsiung Taiwan, we have to keep right when travelling on the escalator. Opposite of what we do in Singapore. I had a hard time fitting in initially. I keep standing to the left to then realise I was on the wrong side.

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